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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelsen Mandela

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Project Africa:

Well Construction

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Project Indonesia: Installation of Schools

Anker Unsere Vision


Our vision is a world where all children have the opportunity and access to education as well as self-realization. By providing children the chance of education, we give them the opportunity for a better future. We are asking for your support to provide children in need of a better future, because for most of them education is the only way out of poverty. Together we can achieve great things!

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The vicious circle of poverty

The main cause of poverty is also its result. Therefore approx. 120m. children worldwide cannot go to school due to food shortage, health problems or lack of financial resources. Poverty consequently prevents education, while education prevents poverty. The focus of Bildungskerze is construction of wells, sanitary facilities and schools (incl. distribution of books, pencils and other learning materials).

Anker Teufelskreis Armut

"Education is the doorway to freedom, democracy and development"

Nelson Mandela



Project expenses



Our performance is only possible with the support of our donors and sponsors. Therefore, for us professionalism is as important as a transparent reporting about the use of our funds and the effectiveness of the measures. We want your donations to flow directly into the project work rather than other expenses. For this reason, our executive board bears the advertising and administrative expenses.

Anker Finanzen&Transparenz
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