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Although access to clean water is a human right, sadly the reality is very different. There are still 2 billion people lacking access to clean drinking water, which is around an astonishing quarter of the planet’s population. Particularly the rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa (329m.) and South Asia (145m.) are affected from the lack of access to clean water. Thus, only 25 percent of the people in sub-Saharan Africa have access to potable water, while in North America and Europe it is 95 percent. Although two thirds of the earth are covered with water, only 1 percent is drinkable.


Besides the natural availability the financial background also plays an important role. Since the wastewater treatment plants and artificial lakes, the installation of water pumps etc. are very costly, they lack in many countries. Moreover, only 70 percent of the world-wide schools have access to drinking water and only 65 percent have sanitary facilities. This means that about 900m. children (especially south of the Sahara) do not have access to hygiene. Consequently, four children die every minute because of impure drinking water or the lack of sanitary facilities.


With the construction of wells, you will enable access to clean drinking water for many people. This will prevent illnesses and provide children- especially girls the possibility to go to school instead of walking with heavy canisters miles away to rivers, lakes, canals or puddles to collect water. To obtain good water in Africa usually it’s necessary to drill up to 90 meters.

As a thank you and for motivation we attach labels to respective wells, declaring the names of the donors. After installation, we will choose a water committee, ensuring the maintenance of the well.

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