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With your help we will reach our destination: Your donations will be used for our projects in Africa or Indonesia. There are many options to support us and do something good: You can donate, found or be a support member. Get an overview as noted below.

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Bildungskerze helps children in Indonesia as well as people in the poor areas of Africa to lead a humane life. Donate once or regularly or start your own fundraising campaign for a special occasion. Invite your birthday guests or your colleagues during a company celebration to donate for Bildungskerze e.V.. Thus, you can help needy people in a very individual and special way. 

Also, companies can assume social responsibility and present their engagement to the public. Companies can stand up efficiently for a fair world with education for poor children- with corporate donations, employee shares or joint projects. Every donation counts and supports children with a promising future.

We advocate a better future for children in poor areas. We will only achieve this with your help. Our projects are possible by personal initiatives and financial support of our supporters.

Due to measures such as supply of clean drinking water and guarantee access to education by building schools we promote the long-term and sustainable development in our project regions. Together we can achieve a great change: We will give poor kids and their families in poor regions in the world a future with perspective.


Foundations are valuable partners for Bildungskerze. They have the option to work closely with us and witness the process of our projects.

If you already have concrete ideas how you could support us with your foundation or if you want to receive more information about our projects, we are looking forward to getting in touch with you. We have created our projects long-term so that it also works without us being on-site.

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Would you like to support our projects permanently to accompany our long-term goals? Be our support member! Your contribution is tax deductible and terminable without prior notice.

As a support member you provide valuable support. By providing regular donations, you help us fight against poverty and make our projects more sustainable.


Would you like to advocate poor kids in Indonesia or build wells in Africa? Choose any of our projects and support us where you deem it’s most needed. 

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