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Bildungskerze e.V. is a German nonprofit organization that was founded in 2019 in Augsburg, Germany. Our organization consists of 7 members, that voluntary work for Bildungskerze.

We are a young team, that wants to create positive change. Together, we provide children in Indonesia the opportunity for a proper school education. Furthermore, we stand for a safe water supply in poor areas such as Sub-Saharan African countries. We support people to fight poverty.


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The first idea, to open a school in Indonesia came when the boards undertook a southeast Asia tour. One of the executive boards was teaching for 3 months at Goethe institution in Jakarta (Indonesia). During her stay she realized the widening gap between rich and poor and during their travels. They also saw many children begging on streets rather than going to school or the schools in poor districts were too far away so that the kids could not go to school. The executive board of Bildungskerze e.V. immediately embosomed the warm-hearted, friendly Indonesians and decided to help them.


When we founded the organization, we knew that a fresh, unknown club cannot start with a large school project. Consequently, we decided to initially start with smaller projects. Due to the founder of the organization was working for another nonprofit organization earlier, it was easier to get in contact with trustful people as well as construction companies in Africa. This helped the organization build wells, so we determined to construct wells initially. These projects are smaller and need less donations, which leads to our mission of fighting poverty - small steps for giant improvement.

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